Security Services Company ( SSC )
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Security Services Company ( SSC )

  Security Services Company (SSC) (Saudi company)

founded in 2000 Jeddah, Saudi Arabia is a sister company of Sager Group which is a 25 years old business enterprise. The Security Services Company ( SSC ) provides a comprehensive range of security consulting and professional services to airports, airlines, government and industries.

  We can deliver a wide range of total security solutions based on threat analysis, system design, policies, procedures and training within a well defined implementation program.
  A New Security Approach

The devastating terrorist attacks on vital locations such airports, aircraft, and commercial complexes, residential areas are jeopardizing the safety and security of our society. Thus, business continuity is very substantial to our economy which requires a unique approach to our security needs.

Therefore, the strength of security does not come from vacuum. It is the result of expertise, competent management, commitment to the assigned work, coupled with the use of the appropriate resources and technology.

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